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The Sunstruck Forest

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Author: BUTCHER Roger William, [07028.a.16.]
Title: Further Illustrations of British Plants. Drawings by Florence E. Strudwick. [A companion volume to "Illustrations of the British Flora" by W. H. Fitch.]
Publisher: pp. iv. 476. L. Reeve & Co.: Ashford, 1930. 8o.

Author: DOLLEY Reginald Hugh Michael [Ac.5886]
Title: The Provenances of the Anglo-Saxon Coins recording in the Two Volumes of the British Museum Catalogue. By R. H. M. Dolley and Mrs. J. S. Strudwick.

Author: GOVER Alfred [W.P.11671/32.]
Title: Cricket. With chapters by Herbert Strudwick and Frank Chester. Publisher: pp. x. 118. Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons: London, 1949. 8o. [Games and Recreations Series.]

Author: STRUDWICK Donald Frank [W.P.11145/25.]
Title: The Mysterious Man. [A religious tract.]
Publisher: pp. 8. Industrial Christian Fellowship: [London, 1952.] 8o. [Crusade Series. no. 191.]

Author: STRUDWICK E. P. [570.c.32.]
Title: Geographical Questions adapted to Keith's Geography and Butler's Atlas.
Publisher: London, 1837. 12o.

Author: STRUDWICK Herbert [07912.f.3.]
Title: Twenty-five Years behind the Stumps. Illustrated.
Publisher: pp. 254. Hutchinson & Co.: London, [1926.] 8o.

Author: STRUDWICK Herbert [X.629/6605.(2.)]
Title: Wicket-keeping.

Author: STRUDWICK William [4165.bb.52.]
Title: An Essay on the Irish Church Question, suggested by a sermon preached in the Parish Church of St. Mary, Newington, Surrey, May 10, 1868.
Publisher: London, [1868.] 8o.

Author: STRUDWICK William [1399.b.33.(3.)
Title: The art of Photographic Etching.
Publisher: London, 1860. 12o.

Author: STRUDWICK Nigel [Cup.936/2216]
Title: The tombs of Amenhotep, Khnumose, and Amenmose at Thebes (nos. 294, 253, and 254) Nigel Strudwick assisted by Helen M. Strudwick with contributions by Jeffrey Burden [et al.] ISBN: 0900416580 m
Publisher: Oxford Griffith Institute 1996 [Series: Griffith Institute monographs]

Author: STRUDWICK Vincent [YC.1988.a.12328]
Title: Christopher Wordsworth Bishop of Lincoln 1869-1885.
Publisher: Lincoln Honywood 1987.

Author: STRUDWICK Nora Louise [LB.31.a.1574]
Title: Carl Abrahams artist and visionary
Publisher: [Jamaica] Pomegranate Press c1983

Author: STRUDWICK Ivy Linda [X.800/38286]
Title: Pulborough a pictorial history
Publisher: Chichester Phillimore 1983 [Subject: West Sussex, Pulborough. Social conditions, 1900-1980]

Author: HUGGINS Viola [X.958/25342]
Title: Emma & I Sheila Hocken abridged and simplified by Viola Huggins illustrations by Mike Strudwick
Publisher: Glasgow Collins ELT 1984 [Subject: English language for non-English speaking students - Texts]

Author: STRUDWICK R. F. [X.429/13475]
Title: a catalogue of Samuel Palmer's etchings
Publisher: [London] [2, Castle Close, Sandgate, Kent CT20 3AG] [R. F. Strudwick] [1982] [Subject: Palmer Samuel 1805-1881, Catalogs]



Note: In square brackets following the author name, is the shelf location at the British Library as listed in their catalogues.

EDEN Sir Frederick Morton Bart. The State of the Poor; or, an history of the labouring classes in England, from the conquest to the present period. With a large appendix containing a table fo the prices of labour; an account of the poor in Scotland, etc. [3 vol. London, 1797. 4o] [Shelfmark: 8276.i.13. & 188.b.10-12.] [facsimile of the 1797 ed. London: Cass, 1966. 3 v. Shelfmark: X525/122.]

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