Welcome to MegaHAL MegaHELL the unofficial home to all things MegaHAL. For now this page will just be a collection of links but I hope to write a dummy guide to compiling and installing the module for an eggdrop irc bot and maybe other interesting stuff will happen, who knows. :O) Although I will be focusing mainly on the eggdrop port (module I will collect other information and links here so we can better understand how to install and use MegaHAL.

I won't go on too much about what it is, as I doubt you would be here unless you actually knew or were at least interested, and the links below provide all the history and information ones needs on the subject. If you are here to look into running a Megahal for your eggdrop bot, then BarkerJr's latest release is the one for you. Any other source you find through these links may be quite old.

One word of caution is if you are planning on running a Megahal on someone elses box, ie a shell account, you may find the admins will kill the process once it starts to take up too much memory. It may help to keep the 'brain' size down but only trial and error will tell. Considering the price of 2nd user Unix boxes on a well known auction site, for example a Sun Ultra 10, it may be worth gettin something like this as a project box or build and use a Linux box. :O)

BarkerJr's website, you can pick up his latest megahal release for eggdrop   here   with the installation notes   here - Projects - Marky, the resident  MegaHAL  bot (the last I heard, Marky had been taken offline due to memory usage issues but there are some interesting examples of a very naughty MegaHAL. I have been told by Marky's owner that he is not using an eggdrop module but a version of Megahal in a perl wrapper, so hopefully the memory issue will not be such a problem with the module)

The MegaHAL page at sourceforge has moved to  alioth  I presume this page is not refering to the eggdrop version. There is a link to an old sourceforge download page  here  which includes additional brains for your megahal bot.

Shortcut to Google (usenet) group  alt.irc.bots.eggdrop   It's slower when posting than using a news client like freeagent or newsagent but handy to browse or search for old posts by subject.

If you have any information or comments you can email me at