The following IGI entry exists for the possible marriage of William and Betty.

William Stredwick marriage to Elizabeth Neal on 4th May 1763,
at Bramley, Surrey, England.
Batch: M067953

On a recent visit to the Surrey History Center at Woking I was able to consult the Parish Records fiche for Bramley marriages and below is a transcription of the entry in question.

Note: As of May 2002, I am quite certain that William and Betty were both born at Alfold but were probably living at Bramley at the time of their marriage, (see entry for Betty Neal further down page) although Williams birth is going to be a little more tricky due to a rather large gap in the records around the time of his birth.

Banns of Marriage between William Strodwick & Elizabeth Neal
Both of this parifh Published april 17,24, May 3rd [?]
William Strodwick of this Parifh Batcholor
and Elizabeth Neal of this Parifh Spinster
were married in this Chapel by Banns
this fourth day of May in the year One Thoufand
Seven Hundred and Sixty Three by me Charles Bartholomew
This marriage was folemnized between us
[William Strodwick ' his mark
[Elizabeth Neal x her mark
In the prefence of Peter Thorn x his mark
James Nayler

Also the following Ancesteral Files exist. Without a source I cannot take these as definate as errors in these files are not uncommon but they can still provide us with clues or partial information.

William Strudwick (AFN: 16QM-62R)
Born: Abt. 1738, Alfold, Surrey, England.
Spouse: Betty (AFN: 16QM-630)

Betty (AFN: 16QM-630)
Born: Abt. 1742, Alfold, Surrey, England.
Spouse: William Strudwick (AFN: 16QM-62R)

I discovered the following IGI entry in May 2002 which helps a lot. (under batch C067912)

Betty NEAL
Sex: F
Event: Christening: 23 May 1743 Alfold, Surrey, England
Father: John NEAL
Mother: Betty

The following IGI entry exists for the marriage of the parents under batch M067912

John Neal and Betty Osbourn married 21st January, 1727 at Alfold.

The following IGI entries exist for their children christened at Alfold.

Sarah Neal, 2nd October, 1729
Mary Neal, 15th April, 1733
Margaret Neal, 23rd May, 1736
and lastly Betty in 1743.

If it is our William and Betty's marriage at Bramley, there is a possibility that William had a sister Mary as there is a marriage nearly exactly a year before at Bramley between Mary Stredwick and William Clark (12 May 1762) with very little other activity concerning Strudwicks at Bramley until many years later and then only one entry which does not seem connected. Again we come back to the possibility that William and Betty had some strong connection with the community at Bramley at this time, despite their probable births at Alfold. Perhaps they were living with his sister Mary and her husband for a while. The more I think about it, the sister theory works quite well, as William and Betty were a young couple and families did lodge other members in times of hardship. This also gives us a reason for the Bramley connection, family, i.e. his sister, a roof over their heads for a while. We also know that William and Betty were not static as there is also a removal document for them and their first two children to Wisborough Green in 1767 (transcription to come), this document is held at the Surrey History Center at Woking. The dates also fit, as we know the Bramley wedding was on 4th May, 1763 and John was baptised on 22nd July, 1764. That means they would have been married about 4 or 5 months before Betty fell pregnant. This seems about normal for the time as this is also the case with his possible sister Mary and William Clark as below. About 4 months after marriage she also fell pregnant.

Willum Clark, Christening, 19 Jun 1763, Bramley, Surrey
Parents: Father: Willum Clark, Mother: Mary
Batch: C067952

Fact or fiction, who knows, :O) What do you think? Unless I have made an error somewhere, I quite like this theory. At least until we find something that indicates otherwise. It does give a clear reason as to why they should start their married life at Bramley.